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2009-05-04 22:33:48 by Skylence

Sorry for the inconvenience but i will no longer be using this account to post music. If you are a fan of me and you want to still keep up with me my new account will be Elph.

Im sorry but i have to do this so that all of my music email and myspace and everything is connected to make things easier. So ya.


2008-12-16 22:27:35 by Skylence

Ya my name is Carson and i live in Colorado,USA and i am a young composer.

Kinda new to it i guess but ya.

I like to experiment around with things so thats why in my audio you'll see that i have different styles like house,hardstyle,dance,etc.

So ya welcome and enjoy =D


2008-11-09 12:11:16 by Skylence

I live my life off of music. I may not be very good but i am progressing as i keep making my music. thanks for visiting my page and check out my InTrance songs. those are my best.